• Golf Courses

    Providing all the tools needed to maintain strong, healthy turf for excellent playing surfaces throughout all seasons.

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  • Athletic Fields

    From fertilizer to seed to pesticides to infield conditioners & engineered soils, we have everything you need to produce the finest playing surface on all types of athletic fields.

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  • Landscape & Home

    Want the best lawn in your neighborhood? Get the advice and products that the pros use to produce the best lawn and landscape possible at a fraction the cost!

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  • Aquatic Management

    Everything you need to keep lakes and ponds clean and clear.

  • Salt & Ice Melt

    Convenient locations in Cape Girardeau and St. Louis open 24 hours during snow events.

    Salt and Ice Melt

About Us

Agro-Logics is your one stop shop for nearly every aspect of turf, ornamental, aquatic, and athletic field maintenance.

The products and lines we represent are not a random collection – we have spent countless hours researching the most effective and efficient products available. Just having a wide variety of products to handle your toughest problems is only the beginning – we truly believe that helping you utilize the proper product at the proper time is paramount to success. Agro-Logics staff will ask you questions, look at all aspects of your maintenance issues, utilize reliable laboratory data when applicable, and only then offer you the right solutions for your specific needs. Our agronomists and athletic field specialists have the experience and knowledge to make recommendations that you can rely on.

We aim to earn your business with great products and the best service possible. For those of you who are already customers – we thank you for your support. For those who aren’t we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to prove our worth.

Call or order online to schedule pickup at one of our convenient locations or for flatbed delivery with forklift offloading!

St. Louis

Cape Girardeau

St. Louis Location Cape Girardeau Location
St. Louis Map Cape Girardeau Map
2330 Weldon Parkway
St. Louis, MO 63146(314) 993-6700
2820 Wintergreen Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701(573) 803-2900

News & Notes

Sunscreen for your Turf? You betcha!

Article. Click here: http://agro-logics.com/news-tips/2015/02/sunscreen-for-your-turf-makes-all-the-sense-when-you-think-about-it/

Bioflora GO Isolates

The latest technology in disease suppression and building a healthier soil environment from Bioflora. For more information, click here.

Armor-Tech Zoxy 2SC

It’s here! An economical post-patent version of the popular azoxystrobin fungicide HeritageFor more information including label and MSDS, click here.

Ground Logic Spreader / Sprayers

Agro-Logics is proud to now offer Ground Logic spreaders and sprayers! Maximize your productivity and profitability! For more information, click here.

Healthy Grow 16-2-2 with UFLEXX

An amazing combination of Healthy Grow ACCM, UFLEXX and Ammonium Sulfate provides great extended color while building the soil. For more information, click here.

Quali-Pro 2DQ

The latest product from Quali-Pro is an excellent choice for tough to control weeds like clover and dandelion. For more information, click here.